This is Why You Are Unemployed!

Unemployment is plaguing the nation, and I know it’s frustrating for the millions of job seekers who can’t seem to catch a break.  Many job seekers are re-entering the job search market after years and year with their former employers.  And quite frankly – looking for job is not like riding a bike.  Times have changed.  Sometimes culture fit is more important than experience. 

As someone who is actively interviewing people daily – I often walk out of an interview shaking my head at the lackluster performance of the person I just met.  From getting angry, to flat-out lying – people’s desperation is intensely coming through.

I am a helper – so I want to help by sharing the stories of disastrous job seekers.  Each story will be one that I, a co-worker, or colleague in the field, have experienced.  None of it will be made up.

So stay tuned to share in these stories.  And feel free to contact me if you’d like to share some of your own!


About MikeSpinale
I'm a people and business partner, an employment brand ambassador, and a career advisor. I am an advocate of HR 2.0 - it's not about the personnel files - it's about bringing on the best talent, ensuring they're in the right seat, and keeping them motivated and growing in their careers. It's not about being the HR police - it's about giving managers the tools they need to effectively lead their teams to greater success. I love to travel, listening to NPR, political banter, social media, foreign languages, and the city of Boston.

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